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Thursday, August 6th, 2020 10:34 AM

Punched-out SIM card

When I opened my new SimpliSafe system yesterday, I was surprised to find a "Verizon SIM" card package, with the SIM already punched out, and no instructions about this. I assume the SIM is already installed in the base (?), but then, why include the empty card package? I tried googling this, and found at least one other person had received a punched-out card with their SimpliSafe, so I assume this is standard. (?) But why? Is there something I might need it for?

Also, is there a way to validate that my cell connection is working? In the diagnostic menu, it says it's inactive (I'm guessing because I have WiFi set up?), but it has an IP address. Do I need to disable WiFi to test cellular?

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4 years ago

Hi all,

First, I would like to mention that in no way could a cellular module trigger an alarm. In @SpicyKimchi's scenario, it was most likely a faulty keypad that was sending out the panic alarm signals. As soon as the alarm has been triggered all sensors become armed regardless of if the system was armed prior to the alarm event or not, so if another sensor such as a motion sensor triggers an alarm event following the panic button alarm, that is normal behavior by the motion sensor.

When it comes to the SIM card, whenever we ship out a new base station or Verizon cellular module, it is standard for us to install the SIM card into the module first and then include the card that it was punched out from with the equipment. We do that because the card includes the SIM card number on it. On the rare occurrences that we need the SIM card number, it is generally easier to get it off of that card instead of having to open up the base station.

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4 years ago


      I am currently attempting to find the answer for the mystery Verizon SIM card as well. I just now received my system two days ago with that SIM card package with it       already punched out. I hope to solve this mystery as well!
Yes its certified and You are on good network on your system.



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4 years ago

Simplisafe moved to 4G SIM cards a while ago and I also have the Verizon SIM -much better in my opinion than vodaphone/Tmobile.  The SIM is already installed. Want to check your cell connection? Easy. Make sure it is not connected to WIFI, have phone in one hand, arm system with the other and open door or window set to instant trigger. Siren will sound after signal is sent to COPS monitoring. Do not shut off system until your call comes through, and should take no longer than a minute.

I test mine weekly with test signal and every month with process described above.  I get a call every time.

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4 years ago

Alarm issues and punched out SIM Card.
Tuesday morning, just before 6 am my alarm went off repeatedly despite turning it off with pin. Called the monitoring center and while on the phone with them the alarm went off 2 more times after being deactivated. I was told that the panic button on the keypad was triggering the alarm but no one had pressed it. I wasn't even standing near it. I have screenshots from my phone with the alerts advising of each time it went off and it was 22 times in total, all deactivated by pin. This happened once, the day prior in the middle of the day and SimpliSafe technician had me remove the batteries and put them back in motion sensor, keypad, and base. This obviously did not resolve the issue as the system literally went crazy the following morning while everyone was in bed sleeping.

Apparently I need to upgrade the module and technician sent out replacement. Received the package from Simplisafe today with the replacement module, with the Verizon SIM card, with the SIM already punched out. Just a blank square space.  Called SimpliSafe back and now another card is being sent (hopefully with the SIM actually still there). Agent I spoke with was very pleasant and apologetic but Simpli as a whole shouldn't wait for those with the older model module to go bonkers as it's really scary to have your alarm go off for no reason. And and who is doing quality control if the replacement is then being sent out with missing parts!!!?
Thank goodness for my pitbull terrier, he has proven, and continues, to be the most reliable and consistent alarm!

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4 years ago

^ Maybe SS should include that tidbit of information on the invoice/instructions that come with the module/card.

This is actually the first I've heard of your method with the SIMS being shipped out (whether new base station, or replacement module, or new 4G compatible module). Because it used to be that users had to install them when received, usually with no instructions included.
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