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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 1:55 AM

Product Refresh due in 2024?

Having been a SS customer since April of 2012, my start of my research, questions and interest in Simplisafe was in February of that year. SS1 (original) looked barely passable to me and a month or two later, tada, SS2 was released.  (Bad cell antennae with a faulty design with SS2 but had a replaced antennae in my hands in less than 48 hours that was great customer service but that's another story). Moving along we come to January CES, 2018 and SS3 comes out. 

Using my superior math skills, 2018-2012 equals about six years.  Further leaning on those amazing math skills, 2018+6= 2024. Hmmm, are we due for another release with SS4 next year? 

To be fair, this is all speculation and guess work on my part, but with sensors at 40% off, SS3 systems being discounted up to 60%, is a new system over the horizon?  

Even if all wrong on this, still fun to speculate. And what would you want it to have as features?

Here's my short list off the top of my head:

1. Frequency hopping, to at least attempt to foil those crooks with wireless jammers

2. Expanded IoT connectivity

3. Zones

4. More sensor types (garage, natural gas, carpet pressure sensor etc)

Okay, your turn to add to the list!

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4 months ago

Yes, integration with all home automation systems, e.g. Hubitat, Home Assistant, Homey, etc. Need to be able to trigger actions based on event/status of Simplisafe sensors. Arming and disarming is not enough.

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4 months ago

If I remember correctly when SS3 was released, they were selling SS2 one day and SS3 the next day, with no prior notice. The ones who bought SS2 just prior to the SS3 release were not happy.

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