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Friday, December 10th, 2021 3:33 PM

PIN Invalid

Set master pin on keypad.. it works, i know it, however when i try to set up base station on the app.. it asks for master pin.. and tells me it's invalid.. I have called customer service they NEVER pick up.. tried the chats.. they just cut and past what is in help and tell you to call customer service.

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2 years ago

Hi jmhodge0609,

The important thing to know about what's happening is that the app is reaching out to your Base Station through the internet, so that it can verify that your PIN is correct. So it's possible that your Base Station may not yet be connected properly yet, so it can't be accessed.

As soon as you plugged in your Base Station, the built-in cellular connection should have been activated. But you can also set up the WiFi connection through the Keypad, under the System Settings menu.

If WiFi is already connected and you're still not able to verify the PIN on the app, there might be an issue with your Base Station, or with your account. Unfortunately, we really need to put you in touch with our Support team at 800-548-9508, so they can look into it. Apologies for the trouble you've had with getting in touch with them. We've had another a spike in call volume over the past couple of days, but if you try again today you should get through.


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