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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 10:23 PM

Odd behaviour - the beeping incident

Have had the system for a month now with no real issues.  Last night with the system set in HOME mode after an hour or so we were woken by the base station beeping relatively quietly but constantly.  No alarm had been triggered.  Turned the system off and noticed that the simplicam video that is produced when the system is disarmed had not recorded and was showing as unavailable.  

Have had it set in HOME mode for some time today and everything seems to be back to normal.  Can't find any info on what this is - don't think it's a battery in a sensor because I think the system records that?

Anyone have any ideas what happened?  Could it be something to do with the simplicam?



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4 years ago

@ade__h I am not aware of any explanation why your base did this. Suggest you check your timeline and see if there are any clues there. If not, I would call SS and ask for an explanation. If you get a "no clue" answer politely insist it be escalated.

If you get a chance, please post your outcome here.

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4 years ago

Doh!  Idiot user error confession here.

It wasn't the simplisafe base station.  Let me explain.

The base station is on a shelf near to a desk with a cheap digital clock on it.  It's just used for the time but somebody must have accidentally set the alarm which was defaulted to 12 midnight.  It went off.  By the time it had woken us, we had realised what we thought it was (the simplisafe base station as the sound appeared to be coming from there), got the key fob and pressed it at the exact moment the alarm turned itself off after 1 minute as we pressed the off button.

Last night the same thing happened - only I had the fob and when it didn't stop the beeping I traced it to the clock.  What an idiot!  Sorry for the confusion

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4 years ago

Lol no worries it happens thats why i have mine on top of the kitchen cabinets because there is absolutely nothing in that area that makes any noise but glad you found out what was causing it.
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