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Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 3:44 AM

No voice commands from base station

I've had my system about 2 weeks. Key pad kept saying "out of range'. I would touch a key, it would try to connect, I would enter code, but still got error message.  Finally removed and reinstalled keypad batteries, all is well.  However, now, the voice commands don't play from the base station. I've checked the setup, changed the voice volume levels, but still no voice commands. System seems to arm and disarm ok, but no voice or open door chimes, etc.  Help!

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5 years ago

Try rebooting the base station (not the keypad).  This happened to me once (SS3), where the base station announcements got garbled, and then disappeared altogether in the course of about a half hour.  Rebooted the base and all has been well since (this was a few months ago).
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