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Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 5:37 PM

No notification on power restore

The power went out. I got a notificiation that had happened, a few hours later I got another saying it was on battery power (?) - the timing of that was a bit odd and I assumed that but ok.

Power was out for a few days and the status just said there is a power cut, it did not say whether still alive on batteries or not. You state 24hr battery time, could that actually stretch to a few days?

A few days later the power came back, all good, but I received no notification. I was told that I would, and it would have been helpful.

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4 months ago

Yesterday afternoon, the building was opened without disarming the alarm which was not resolved and dispatch called law enforcement.  One of the contemporary notifications was that a power outage had occurred.  The alarm was cleared, and power was restored.  Then notice of a low battery was received.  Power was on and the base station lamp lit the appropriate color proving the power was indeed on.  Removed the NiMH batteries from the base, voltages measured at 1.35 volts. batteries charged outside the unit, unit reassembled, and now things are working, but DO NOT KNOW if the batteries are charging! 

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@robert_rennard If the Base Station senses that its NiMH batteries are not charging, you will see a "Base Station Battery Failure" notification on your Keypad. If you do see that error, please contact our Support team and they can send you new batteries!

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