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Sunday, June 7th, 2020 9:02 PM

No "low battery' warning

Recently I noticed one of my door sensors showed to be constantly "open', but I had not received a "low battery' warning.  Opening the door resulted in the double blink from the sensor, but no audible beep was noted, and the indication still showed as "open'.  Replacing the CR2032 battery resolved the problem.  Why did I not receive a "low battery' warning?  Is the sensor defective?  Everything seems to be operating OK now, but I am left with a lack of confidence in my system.  Does the daily test signal sent to the mother ship check for things like these?



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4 years ago

You may have gotten the message and missed it.  In any case, the daily test signal is for communication between the base and SS.  That test does nothing between the base and sensors.  That is a different test, which the base does "every so often"  and should result in an error message if a sensor does not respond.

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4 years ago

I have a question regarding the entry sensor battery. does the system show a "low battery warning" or do I just get a "a "sensor not responding" warning if the battery is getting low on an entry sensor? I know, for example, when the keypads Arlo I get a low battery warning not a lost connection warning.

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4 years ago

In general, you never get low battery warnings, you just get sensor not responding.
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