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Thursday, May 28th, 2020 9:08 PM

No Key Pad warning...

Most alarm systems will notify you at the keypad that a door or window or a sensor is not set or ready. This helps you go to that location and address the issue.

Simplisafes BASE station announces it for you, however if you place the base in a safe area , a closet, an attic or sealed location, you cannot hear it.

Ok shoot me in the foot if that is the dumbest set up ever.

If you have the base station out in the open and it goes off and an intruder see its, all he has to do is unplug it or break it.

Come on SIMPLISAFE people. redo this so that the key pad does the annunciation.


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4 years ago

SS3 has an alert icon on the keypad display that will show a window/door sensor may be open.  While the keypad has no voice announcement, the alert icon is useful to show alerts when you use the keypad to arm the system (or even if you just touch the keypad, when it lights up, it will show the alert icon on the display).

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4 years ago

Um "redo this so the key pad does the annunciation".  Right, because we're all eager to pay $150 for a keypad the size of a Bible which requires an electrical outlet.  Not to mention the 4 year or more development cycle.
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