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Thursday, March 5th, 2020 1:54 PM

New to SimpliSafe - Suggestions please

I'm old school, my previous homes were all secured with traditional wired systems, we just bought a new home with approximately 4,000 square feet (3 levels) and decided to go with SimpliSafe, we just placed the order and after reading some of these comments I'm beginning to wonder if I did the right thing. I would like to hear some dos and don't's to make my installation easy and to make sure I don't run into major issues.  Thanks

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4 years ago

If your internet stops working do you (A) call tech support first thing, or (B) try some simple steps first like checking cable connections, unplugging routers and plugging back in?  If (B) you will have no problems with SS.  It's a great system and for people willing to learn how it works it's a 100% reliable system.  Most of the negative comments seem to come from those that are not willing or capable of putting the time in to do it right.  That and tech support sucks at times, but they are working on that.  

With that said, on a 3 story building I'd probably aim for keeping the base station in the middle floor.  It'll give it less obstructions to shoot through, but should be able to handle it just fine.  You can try it elsewhere of course, but be prepared to move it around some to find the best place.  

You said you own the home, so use screws.  Tape is ok, but screws are better.

Do you have pets?  This will add more trial and error to play around with.

More details as far as what you ordered would help.  Which sensors are we going with?



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4 years ago

@alice_151 just to add the customers that post here are dozens vs the million + that have purchased SS. I am a customer of almost 8 years, had SS2, now 3.  House is only a measly 2600 square foot 3 level and no issues.  You will be fine, and if not, return it within 60 days.
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