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Monday, December 6th, 2021 6:19 PM

New to SimpliSafe - some set-up help requested

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1 year ago

Hi johnion,

Yep, so theoretically you could return your entire package within 60 days, and then re-order with even more components, so you could get a discount for all of it. But since that's a hassle for you, more expensive for us for all the extra shipping, and even a negative impact on the environment, our Sales would be more than happy to just apply a custom discount to your order for additional components. It's just that our Sales team at 800-548-9508 would have to create that custom discount over the phone.

The Glassbreak Sensor is essentially a non-recording microphone that looks out for a specific sequence of sounds. So overall range can be affected by the acoustics in the room. Pressing the Test Button on the unit lowers the sound threshold so that a clap can trigger. But for both the clap test, and the real deal, it should be able to detect a shattered window from 20ft away.
In terms of angles, facing the windows that you guard over would be best.

Since you're still in the process of testing your system out, I suggest activating your system without subscribing to Monitoring Service. You'll be able to set up app access, including cameras, and system settings, and even Push Notifications.
Then, you can set your Motion Sensors to "Secret Alert", which means that whenever they're triggered, you'll get a notification. But it won't set off an actual alarm with a siren.

But if you choose to activate Monitoring Service, the first 72 hours will be your Practice Period. If any actual alarm events are triggered, you'll see then in your Timeline event log, but there won't be able calls from an operator, and there's no chance of them calling your local authorities.

The Outdoor Camera is usable indoors. Though since it's designed for outside use, it currently doesn't respond to the armed state of your system, and would trigger notifications whenever there's a person in the scene.

Keep those questions coming!


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1 year ago

I had a similar need to add some additional components after initial setup, and was able to call in and place an order and get the same discount as my original purchase.

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