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Friday, March 31st, 2023 7:15 PM

New system having connection difficulties

I have been with SimpliSafe for years now since (Aug 2011). My older equipment worked fine. I just bought a new system to include new devices. On the first day an Entry Sensor did not work, you are sending a replacement, thank you. Now on the third day the Base Station does not have the ability to Refresh (can not communicate with SimpliSafe) using my computer or the Android phone app. This happens only on Battery, works when plugged into AC power; so now you are sending a replacement Base Station.  I am a bit concerned about the reliability of this "New Equipment". 

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1 year ago

Hi @Broda ,

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you've been having multiple totally different issues, and we'd be happy to troubleshoot with you (in case that replacement Base Station doesn't help).

But I'm not sure what you mean by what's "on battery". If you mean the Base Station, that does need to be plugged in at all times - and the Original SimpliSafe worked the same. Your Base Station has enough battery power for about a day, and it's intended just for staying operational if an intruder decided to cut power, or if you have an outage. But it can't stay online indefinitely.

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