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Friday, March 5th, 2021 7:12 PM

My Pets

I would like to know when I leave my apartment and set my alarm to away, will the alarm go off, because my cats are walking around in the apartment. What shall I do. This is my first time having this kind of protection. Please advise.

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3 years ago

Cats generate heat, and the motion detectors are looking for, guess what, changes in heat.  So yes, if a cat walks into range of a sensor, it is likely to be set off.

Placement is key, so there is no place in their range the cats are likely to jump or climb or walk through.  In the latter case, you can mount them upside down, so they look out and up rather than out and down.  There is also a sensitivity switch in the battery compartment which may help with problem areas.

Basically, install them intelligently, and have them set to "secret alert" until you are sure they are set correctly for your cats.
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