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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 12:40 AM

Linked Sensors Before Activating Base Station, Does that work?

I attached all the entry sensors to their doors and windows and have the motion sensors placed more or less where I want them.   Then, using the keypad, I linked all the sensors and named them.  I linked the cameras.  So far so good.

I didn't activate the base station because I wanted to have a chance to get used to the sensor placement without worrying about the monitoring starting.

After all the sensors were in place and I tested them all a couple times (still need to tweak the placement of some of the motion sensors), THEN I activated the base station by going to my account on the website and entering the serial number.

What I don't see, when I now log onto my account, is a list of all the sensors.  I was intending to set them all to silent alert, maybe for a week or two - or at least until I'm comfortable the motion sensors are covering the space appropriately.  But there is no "Manage Sensors" section.  I don't have too many sensors and wouldn't really mind if I needed to link them again.  Is that what's necessary?  Did the naming and linking of the sensors not "stick" because I did that before I activated the base station?  (The cameras are showing up ok . . .)

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3 years ago

Go into devices and hit the little circle with two arrows to refresh the list if they are not there.

Also note that if you change anything on the page you have to hit "send to base station" to save it...

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3 years ago

@KRStrick, haha, yep.  :)  That did it.  Didn't realize that was a button I could click.

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3 years ago

Great advice, KRStrick!

It helps to know that currently, the Base Station sends info only when requested,  especially for full uploads of system settings, since that's quite a bit more data. That's what the refresh button is for - pulling the most recent set of data on the system.

- Johnny M.
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