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Friday, October 29th, 2021 9:03 PM

Latest Firmware as of 10/29/2021

Can anyone please tell me what's the latest firmware? My base station and keypad will not update but the techs at SimpliSafe keep telling me it's up to date. When I check the versions in the Diagnostics menu it says my Version is 1.2.16 the the base station is 1.6.4. Thanks!



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2 years ago

The latest version for the SS3 system (current generation system) is 2.3 which was released in August of 2021. Here is the version info from my keypad menu:

## Keypad ##
Loader 1.0.0
Hardware: 0

## Base Station ##
Version: 2.3.10
Loader: 1.0.0
WiFi: 2.11.2
Audio: 1.4.10

If you go to https://simplisafe.com/forum/customer-support-forum/installing-and-using-simplisafe/system-firmware-23-july-2021 you can find older firmware versions. It looks like 1.6 was released in April of 2020. If you have an SS3 system, you're out of date and support should be able to force the firmware so it's available to your system.

Or Davey D might see this post and do it for you. :)
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