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Saturday, April 18th, 2020 4:18 PM

keypad will not work on new base

i received new simplisafe monitoring kit because old base station was not receiving sensor info.  The new base station is not plugged in.  Key pad says welcome to Simplsafe and will not move to anything else.  Was on phone for 4 hours yesterday with customer service rep, who could not  get system to work.  
I feel there must be something I could to to get keypAD TO sync with base .



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4 years ago

jhalllett, can you please reconfirm your  post?  You say your new base is not plugged in? If that is correct plug it in, wait for the colored light ring to finish and then make sure your keypad(s) and sensors are all registered with it.  If you don't have the total command interactive monitoring plan, I suggest you get it and then log into the dashboard and see status of your system and all of its components.



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4 years ago

Also, if your new base station has a new module (with SIM inside, due to the change to 5G, you'll have a new verizon SIM), and it's still not working, it's entirely possible that SS forgot to activate the SIM.  Call SS for assistance and ask for a senior supervisor to make sure the SIM is activated (the reps barely know about this issue).
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