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Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 1:33 PM

Keypad occasionally doesn't 'ding' to remind me to disable the system

Randomly our keypad will not chime when you walk in the door, thus I may not remember to turn the system off. The keypad senses the door sensor opening if I look at the screen, the base station logs the messages of the entry, the timeout... etc. we just don't get the chime. When the alarm goes off I can silence by entering the code on the keypad so it is talking with the base. The base is only about 35' from the keypad.

This happens once or twice every couple weeks, we have swapped out the keypad, moved it, moved the base, still randomly happens.

Anyone else see this?

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11 months ago

Yes!! No one else?? No responses?

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@smartb​ Are you noticing that your Keypad doesn't beep during the Entry Delay countdown when you enter your home, or is it that the Base Station doesn't sound an Entry Sensor Chime whenever this sensor is opened? 

If it is the Entry Delay countdown you cannot hear, does your Keypad still prompt to enter your Master PIN to disarm the system? 

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