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Sunday, August 1st, 2021 3:11 PM

Keypad Lights

The lights on my keypads keep coming on at random times in the night.  What causes this and I can I stop it. Losing sleep.



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3 years ago

@Jak29672 two optins. First, call SS to have it replaced under warranty (long hold times, shipping etc) Second: go into device settings, keypad and turn on power saving mode. Will not light up until a key is hit.

Of course, you and do #2 now and then do #1 at  your leisure.

Good luck.

@SS please add this issue to the new Help Center.

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3 years ago

I had a similar issue start about a week ago. Our keypad has been staying lit up and not shutting off, regardless of if it's on power savings mode or not.  I tried making sure software was up to date, tried taking out the batteries, letting it sit, then throwing new ones in, etc. Nothing was working, and the power being on constantly was eating st battery life.

Wasn't hearing back via email support,  so I called support instead. Had to wait about 10-15 minutes on hold, but they offered me a replacement right away since I'm under warranty, and shipping is free. I just need to throw the old keypad in the box and slap on the return label to send them the defective one! Already got my shipping label email, just waiting on the confirmation email for my new keypad now. It was a quick and painless support call with Olivia from their support team. :)
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