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Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 2:53 PM

Keypad is unresponsive since update.

I received an alert at the keypad of an update for my system. I followed the instructions on the keypad to allow the system to update. Once the system updated the keypad is now unresponsive and blank. Is my keypad now dead?

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4 years ago

Did you try new batteries?  The update can use up a lot.



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4 years ago

Sometimes all you have to do is remove the batteries, wait several minutes, re-insert them and just leave the keypad alone for 20-30 minutes, it usually then wakes itself up.  If it doesn't "wake up" after this time, put in fresh new batteries and you should then be good to go.   The last two updates have done this to several users' keypads. Your keypad is most likely just fine, but the updates can sometimes use up the battery power by the end of the update, so try to always have new batteries on hand.
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