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Friday, July 1st, 2022 4:19 PM


Keypad illumination

​When waking up a keypad the top 3 buttons light up along with the menu button. However, the number buttons don't. Many times the area is around the keypad is dark. Please, when keypad wakes, make the number buttons light up as well. Thanks​

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9 months ago

Hi @pdscotti ,

That's part of how the Keypad saves battery power. But when the numpad is needed - for example when the system is counting down before an alarm, the numbers should also be lit.

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@davey_d​ I understand the reason is to save battery but I would like the option in the settings to enable this feature and accept the consequences of a reduced battery life. I find this lack of illumination issue very frequently in my setup and don't mind less battery life. Thanks.

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@pdscotti​ yep, I understand. Could you give more detail about how you want it to work?

As I mentioned, the keys should all be lit up when you would actually need the number pad - like when the system is asking for a PIN (to disarm or enter the Menu), or if you're typing in a name for a sensor, etc.

When the proximity sensor senses you, it will only light the screen, as well as the Home, Away, and Off buttons.

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