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Friday, July 1st, 2022 4:19 PM


Keypad illumination

When waking up a keypad the top 3 buttons light up along with the menu button. However, the number buttons don't. Many times the area is around the keypad is dark. Please, when keypad wakes, make the number buttons light up as well. Thanks

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2 years ago

Hi @pdscotti ,

That's part of how the Keypad saves battery power. But when the numpad is needed - for example when the system is counting down before an alarm, the numbers should also be lit.

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@davey_d​ I understand the reason is to save battery but I would like the option in the settings to enable this feature and accept the consequences of a reduced battery life. I find this lack of illumination issue very frequently in my setup and don't mind less battery life. Thanks.

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@pdscotti​ yep, I understand. Could you give more detail about how you want it to work?

As I mentioned, the keys should all be lit up when you would actually need the number pad - like when the system is asking for a PIN (to disarm or enter the Menu), or if you're typing in a name for a sensor, etc.

When the proximity sensor senses you, it will only light the screen, as well as the Home, Away, and Off buttons.

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10 months ago

I agree, the key pad seems to be one of Simpli-safes big disappointments. I had a 2014 model, you could not read the pad without a flashlight- Now I have a Gen 2 system. I was super excited when I saw that I could actually read what it says... but- The keypad only lights up if I put my hand right up on it within like an inch- then, it cuts back off. So, walking by, I have no clue if my alarm is set in home mode. The pad stays dark. I am in and out all day and reset it when I come back in. If  they feel it would drain the battery, there should still be some small light on the pad which tells you what mode it is in.  A key pad with no indication of if it is set to protect you unless you are within an inch of it- is not a reassuring feature. Wouldn't it be nice to hear a bump in the night and be able to look over and see that yes, you did indeed set your alarm and it is working?

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Hi @sathome22 ,

The Keypad uses the same type of motion detection tech as our standalone Motion Sensors. That is, is picks up heat signatures moving across the room.

While the range isn't as long, it should still be able to pick you up from a few feet away. We've even gotten complaints from folks who have their Keypad set up in their bedroom, because it picks them up while they're trying to get to sleep.

So if your Keypad is only able to pick up motion at extremely close up, there may be a problem with that sensor. If you haven't already, I would suggest first trying a fresh set of batteries, in case that improves performance. And then contact our Support team for further troubleshooting and possibly a replacement.

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