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Monday, July 20th, 2020 1:47 AM

Keyfob triggering "Panic button"

Last week I had a trouble with the key fob on the new SS system. The panic button was "being triggered" on its own without it actually being pushed, every 10-15 seconds. We've had the system including the key fob for ~2 years now but never had this issue.
The only way I could get the system to stop from blaring the alarm at 2AM was to finally remove the key fob from the device list... I am scared to re-add it. I wanted to buy another key fob for myself... but now I think it would be a waste of money if it can malfunction this way... I tried calling technical support and I was on hold for over 45min without anyone answering... I am beyond frustrated with this... but since I removed the device from the list I haven't had any issues. Has anyone else encountered this problem and will SS help with getting the part replaced? Could it be the battery running low and thinking that it was being tampered with?
A lot of questions... no answers....


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4 years ago

I've read of issues with the panic buttons on the key fob and the keypads.  One of the first things that I did was disable all panic buttons.  I have an actual panic button that I keep in the bedroom.
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