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Thursday, May 14th, 2020 12:38 AM

Key Pad Out of Range

My keypad initally was saying to NO connect to dispatcher, but in trying to trouble shoot now my keypad says out of range although the keypad is less than five feet away and now has new batteries. I believe my base station has died. Has anyone seen the same.



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4 years ago

Try re-booting your base station:

Unplug adapter from base.
Unscrew and open bottom of base, locate battery compartment.
Take out one battery, wait for a few moments, re-insert battery, close battery cover and put back the screw.
Plug in adapter.
Your base station should announce something to the effect of being in test mode.
You can then test a sensor or two, or, go to keypad and press the exit button.
Then arm your system, then disarm it.  See if the problem is resolved.

If this doesn't resolve the problem, either move your base station closer to the keypad (sometimes it only takes a few inches or maybe a foot closer), arm and disarm your system again to see if resolved, or call SS for troubleshooting and to test your connection.

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4 years ago


If all else fails, you can do a hard reset and pairing of the system to your keypad by doing what coltmaster1 said, "Unplug adapter from base. Unscrew and open bottom of base, locate battery compartment.

Take out one battery, wait for a few moments, re-insert battery." At this step, I would wait and listen for the welcome to Simplisafe greeting from the base station. Once you hear that greeting, locate the small pairing button right next to the batteries. It's a small button. Press and hold that button for a few seconds, release the button and press any button on your keypad to forcefully pair them together. Once you have access to your keypad, you can close the battery cover and put back the screw and plug in the adapter. You should now be in test mode. Exit test mode by pressing off .

Hope this works for you!

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4 years ago

This problem just happened to my system starting last night.  "NO connect to dispatcher".  Unplugged and removed batteries, then reinstalled and connected. Now it shows "Keypad out of range". New batteries and the keypad is next to the base station.
This is an original simplisafe system.

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4 years ago

SimpliSafe support on the phone should be able to help and even if the Base Station(BS) and/or key pad(KP) are unusable or both, usually they're fine with replacing both the KP and BS. (of course SimpliSafe wants everyone to be secure by using the monitoring service)
Because the replacements will already be paired to each other typically, it's all good. You just have to re-program the sensors to the replacements or actually sometimes the sensors are already pre-programmed to the replacements for you; or you may even get technical support's help with programming sensors on the phone.

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2 years ago

"No connect to dispatcher" is not an error in the communication with the keypad.  It is telling you it cannot connect the monitoring center over the internet connection (WiFi), or the cellular connection, from the base station.  The Keypad has nothing to do with this error.

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