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Friday, September 10th, 2021 5:29 AM

Key Fob

I just received a new key Fob for my SimpliSafe System. How do I activate it or set it up? There isn't an option for it in setting up devices from the keypad.

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3 years ago

Hi terricar5960,

If you select Setup & Naming from the Keypad Menu, that should put your system into a mode where any sensor that has a button pressed will be automatically added. You can then give it a name from the list, or type in a custom one.

For example, Entry Sensors have that button is the one on the face. For Key Fobs, you want to hit the panic button, which is the red thing at the end of the unit, for two seconds.

- Johnny M.
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1 year ago

My simpli safe key fob is making a weird alert noise. It’s relatively new and exhibits no other weird behaviors. Thoughts?

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