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Thursday, October 8th, 2020 4:29 PM

Keeping SimpliSafe connected to Wifi



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2 years ago

adam.wassermans.. I have SS3 and the original Google WIFI. Both work well.  Sometimes the video doorbell drops, but that's it. Everyday you should see a system test signal in your log. If they are not successful, definitely get on the phone and troubleshoot. As you mentioned, wifi is not used for sending an alarm signal to monitoring and the cell connection has been rock solid for me. One last recommendation, I would call SS and confirm your system has the new 4G sim card. If not, politely request them to send you one out asap.

Good luck.
Have you checked the Google Wifi app to confirm that the SS3 is registered/active on the network? If it's not appearing, but your app/keypad are suggesting otherwise, you might also be having this issue.
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