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Sunday, December 6th, 2020 9:19 PM

Issue with keypad attachment to drywall

The hardware that comes with the keypad does not seem adequate to attach the keypad base to the wall. There are 3 small screws provided but no anchors. I've searched all over for small plastic anchors that the screws would fit into but have not been able to locate any. Does anyone know where I could find some? I read somewhere else that the screws are #0s. I just don't think the adhesive tape and a few tiny screws are going to hold the base to the wall, especially if the keypad is removed and replaced occasionally.
Thank you.



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4 years ago

@SimplySafe5823 my two SS3 keypads are doing quite nicely just using the strips on my drywall in the master bedroom and kitchen. They have been there well over two years.  If you had to move the mounting plates, definitely use fresh 3M strips.  To make sure, I highly recommend the newer 3M picture hanging strips that have velcro like material on one side. They are rated to hold up to 30 pounds and hold paintings, clocks etc in our house with no issues. Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry, use the 3M tape and I doubt you will have any problems.
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