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Saturday, February 8th, 2020 4:34 AM

Is it possible for extra siren to only go off in away mode?

As someone with small children, it happens on occasion that my alarm gets accidentally set off by my kids.  This typically only happens in home mode. I am wondering if there is a setting in which I can have the extra siren programmed to only "go off" when triggered in away mode. I really like the extra sound and the possible deterrent that comes with it, but not at the price of scaring my kids half to death when they accidentally set off the alarm.

I am aware of other options such as reducing the volume, adding more time to my home mode trigger, and disabling certain entry senors in home mode.

Using Gen 3 model

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4 years ago

No it cannot be setup that way.  If your alarm is new I an assure you people will get trained to not set it off eventually.  Early on we made some mistakes but that siren teaches you to think twice about what you are doing.  And kids are smarter than adults so they'll figure it out too.  :)
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