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Monday, June 1st, 2020 6:34 PM

Is a network connection needed?

I have a camper that I want to use a system in. No Network connection available. Cellular service is good there.
My question is what features will be available with jst the cellular connection?
Remote notification? Monitoring? Will cameras go out over cell signal?
Any input appreciated.

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4 years ago

Cameras require wifi



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4 years ago

SS2 works on cellular only, but cameras do require a wifi connection. (who knows when SS2 may be phased out, however, best to consider SS3).

SS3 works on cellular or wifi, but will require wifi for cameras, video doorbell, and for over-the-air firmware updates.

Otherwise, yes, you can get monitoring, notifications and phone app (with interactive monitoring plan), and most of all the features using cellular-connection only.  If you use the camper to travel, however, and rely on using the system when traveling, you have to have a physical address registered for your system to have monitoring (which would require a call to SS every time you need to change the address location).  Or, you can call SS and cancel monitoring altogether if you're traveling and reinstate it when you return.
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