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Sunday, December 5th, 2021 2:58 PM


I am about to purchase all new smoke detectors for my home and and looking at Xsense which can be interconnected (over radio signals) and have a 10 year battery. My question is: Will these detectors cause interference with my Simplisafe system? As it is I get the base system stating that there is wireless interference every once in a while (like when there are 5 people in the living room all on their cell phones and other devices). I don't want to make a major purchase of 10 smoke detectors only to find out that they cause my new Simplisafe system to not work. I looked at the Simplisafe detectors but they are too expensive at this point.



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3 years ago

@ctcolgan I would call SS support today and ask.  One other suggestion:  Cyber Monday Ss had all sensors 30% off.  Yes, its past but I would ask sales if they would extend that to you for your consideration on your smoke detector purchase.  There is of course big advantages having your smokes on SS system and have it fully integrated.  Hey, the worst SS can say is no.

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3 years ago

Hi folks,

On the currently running 30% off component sale, as of 12/6 10am, there might still be time. Just be sure to call in at 800-548-9508 ASAP today.

But about interference: the "Wireless Interference Detected" is really only for the low-frequency signal that our sensors use to communicate with the Base Station. Cell phones and WiFi devices shouldn't affect that - but other devices that use low frequency might. Think of simpler devices like remote controlled garage door openers, or wireless weather stations. Since you mention that you've already been seeing Wireless Interference warnings, we'd suggest going over some troubleshooting with our Support team to identify the real cause.

But after a quick Google of the brand you're looking at right now, I see that the frequency for those is a lot higher than what we use, so you should be okay.


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