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Thursday, January 27th, 2022 9:43 PM

Installing key fobs

I’ve been trying to follow the instructions for installing my key fobs but it says to scroll down to key fob under the devices only the wording key fob isn’t there.

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2 years ago

Hi Janie,


Sorry for the confusion. To install a Key Fob through the Keypad, you want to navigate to Menu > Devices > Add Device > Other Devices > OK.

This puts your system into Setup Mode. Now, on the Key Fob, press the Panic Button (the red spot at the end of the device). The Base Station should announce that the Key Fob has been added. You can then go back to the Keyfob to give it a nickname.

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@davey_d​ Does't work....Been trying to install 3 new Foyfobs with no success at all....The base is not beeping when I install the #,,,and hit the Panic button.....???????  I have tried 8 times...In every why possible...These are New Replacements...ALL Batteries check out 3 V....Next question,,,,Red panic button before I enter the # doesn't work,,,,Red Panic button after....I have used the APP, on Cell Phone, I have used the Online site with My Laptop.....Talked to a tech..he supposed to walked Me through a Complete RE-Set....after..Only 1 key Fob worked..The USB one.....but in just a few minutes it even stopped working...so today I have 7 Key Fobs and Not one will work......Yes My system in old....6 years ..but it works fine otherwise.....sometimes the Key Pad #s I have to push really hard...not buying a New System.  I have paid Simplisafe 25.00 a month for 6b years... Thats about $1800.00.....plus the 400.00 to buy it ...If I can't get it working right soon...I will switch to ADT ...at least they give all new equipment...and Install it...

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@thomaseg49​ Have you tried removing the batteries from your Keychain Remotes and inserting them back in? This can help to ensure that they're properly seated. Once you reinsert the battery, I would then try to add the Keychain Remote to your system.

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