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Thursday, August 11th, 2022 1:40 PM

Installing in a multi family home

Hello, new member here. I live in a 3 family home and wanted to set up a simplisafe system in my 1st floor apartment. I would also like to install a simplesafe smart lock for the exterior front door. From my understanding when the front door is unlocked it also unlocks the security system. This is a problem because the front door will be used by other tenants. I would still like to have my apartment secured even though the front door is opened. Is this a feature that can be fixed in the settings or will this require a separate base station. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you 



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2 years ago

@Daniel718 Unfortunately, the lock was not designed to work with multi tenent and doubt it will in the future.  Simplisafe tries to follow its name, and this is a bit more complex than what the vast of customers need.  You would have to invest in a 2nd base, but to avoid having to run two iterations of the app, I suggest you talk to support first. They do have a "business" app that I believe can manage multiple locations/systems and this might work in  your instance. Good luck.

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