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Sunday, December 5th, 2021 8:47 PM

Identifing A faulty/Un-responsive Sensor

I have installed my system and was receiving a msg' Warning, unresponsive entry sensor'
The issue is; What sensor is it?
My issue was w/ a basement window entry sensor that I installed. I used the nameing option "Basement Sensor-1".
How do I get the system to be able to give a better more specific indication as to a particular sensor that has an issue?
It would also be good if during a test mode the specific sensor indication would show on the keypad since my base station is upstairs.



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3 years ago

@rpauly4353 the system will respond with the exact name you gave it. For example, on my basement windows, I used my neighbors to uniquely indentify the sensors.

Example :Smith Entry Sensor; Doe Entry; Patio entry. All 3 are in my basement and I know which is which. hope this helps.
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