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Saturday, July 9th, 2022 8:31 AM

How to make base station announce the name of the opened door?

As titled, I couldn’t find the setting to let the base station announce the name of the door that’s triggered. And this is a very important feature for me and my family. I know it can do that because when I set it to away mode, if a door is open, it will tell me out loud which door was open. 

Please help!!!

Thank you

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2 years ago

Hi @Jonathan329 ,

The system currently does not have the ability to announce the names of your sensors - at least by voice. As the Captain mentions, you can set individual sensors to Secret Alert, which will send text notifications to you whenever someone opens it.

But we're aware that there's a demand for the voice notifications - we have a thread for the request here! I'll keep you updated if and when the feature is added to the system.



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2 years ago

@Jonathan329  As I have my base set to no lights, no voice and hidden even if the base could do this it wouldn't work for me.  Not what you wan but you can set the open door to secret alert (even in off mode) and you will get a push notification, and if you want, a SMS message and an email message.

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