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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 3:58 AM

How to enter alphabetic WIFI password characters?

So I just received my new "Oakhaven" system today (6/2/18), and right off the bat I'm struggling with the awful 'we don't need no stinking details' instruction manual.

Nowhere can I find the procedure for entering an alphabetic WIFI password.  My password is ALL alphabetic characters (no numerals), and one of them is capitalized.  But all I can get out of that damn keypad is numerals.  Oh sure, the screen SHOWS YOU all the alphabetic characters assigned to a key when you press that key, but there's no apparant way to select any of them.

I need the WIFI because my house is a black hole for cell connectivity - it's somewhat down the side of a valley, partially shielded from the towers.

So, what's the secret here?

PS: Sorry if this has been asked and answered before.  I spent nearly an hour searching the forum, but came up empty.

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6 years ago

Use the number keys.  For the most part the letters on the keys represent the letters (lower case and upper case) that you cycle through with the specific keys.  Hitting the key repeatedly gets you the next letter in the sequence.  For button "2" you cycle through 2abcABC.  Button "1" gets you the characters.

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>>  Hitting the key repeatedly gets you the next letter in the sequence <<

That's what I assumed right from the start, but that's not the way it's working.  
Every subsequent press of the key just prints out another iteration of the same numeral.

For example, I need to enter the letter "x".  It should take 3 key presses.  But instead of the 'x', I get 999.


Got it to work!  I was apparantly pausing too long between each keypress.  
By pressing each key rapidly, I got it to cycle through all the characters.
WIFI is now connected.

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thank you, thank you!!!  I would never have figured this out without the help from these posts!

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6 years ago

Did you figure it out? You have to RAPIDLY press the button to cycle from the number to the letter. Took me an eternity to figure out

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5 months ago

I was having all of the same problems outlined here....how in the heck do you input your password when the only thing that comes up are numerals!!!  Thanks to these posts, I followed your instructions and got it done.  Sheesh!



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@maryree​ In the future if you have any more questions, use the online chat feature or call. SS Support is very good, a friendly bunch, and will gladly assist you.  I have been a customer for many years and still call with questions!

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Would be lovely if they would provide a detailed set of instructions. If I hadn't found this thread, this would have been the 3rd call to support in the past 15 min. trying to set up a replacement system. Urgh.

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