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Friday, May 15th, 2020 7:17 PM

Home Alarm Only

Why can't an entry sensor only be used in the "home" mode?  I put a sensor on my new security screen door and I only want it armed when I'm in "home" mode.

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4 years ago

Actually, You Can! I'm happy to say.
How you do it is...Well actually it depends on which model system you have. For the latest model(SS3 it's the one that looks good) you can do it on the Keypad. If you have the Interactive Monitoring plan($24.99/mon) you can also do it in the app and website.
It's pretty straight forward (in my opinion). You just look for 'Devices' in the menus.
If you have a previous model system (SS2) you can use the included USB KeyChain Remote with a computer; or online also with the Interactive Monitoring plan.

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4 years ago

You might look into whether SS3 allows setting a sensor for Home only.

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4 years ago

I have a SS2 system.  Using a Mac leaves me at a disadvantage with the keychain remote.  When I do go to the website (and I do have the Interactive Monitoring Plan) I see the following:

Alarm - Home and Away
Alarm - Away only
No Alarm - sms/email alert only
Disabled - No alarm, no alert.

My use case is that I want to put a entry sensor on my security screen of my front door.  When I'm away, I don't want the screen door armed as I have an electronic dead bolt on the front door and I want a few people to have access via a security code.  I don't want to hand out keys to the screen door.  At night, I leave the front door open and lock the security screen so that the cool air blows in.  At night I arm the house in the "Home" mode and thus I need the screen door in that mode and only that mode.

Unless someone has already solved this problem :)
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