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Monday, January 6th, 2020 3:56 PM

FOB Behavior

Because the FOB buttons are so easy to accidentally press, I've disabled all three that we have.  However, if I press the "off" button when the alarm is not set I will get a notification on my phone that says "system disarmed."  What's interesting is that if the alarm is set to "home" with the keypad and I press the "off" button it will not disarm the alarm, but I get a message saying "system armed home."   It seems like when the FOB is disabled, pressing any of the buttons doesn't actually do anything with the alarm system it just repeats whatever the current status is.

I really would like to use the FOB's since we spent $25 each for them, but I've had too many times where the alarm has been accidentally set and it goes off when someone opens a door.  Thankfully, I've always been available to answer the phone from the monitoring service so the police have never been sent, but I just don't want to take the chance.



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4 years ago

That is interesting, because I had always assumed that if you "disabled" a component, it would not work for any function whatsoever, including notifications.  Maybe it's different for the keyfob (as far as alerts are concerned, but I can't imagine that is intended behavior, maybe ask SS).

There were some scattered posts before the arrival of SS3 about getting clear plastic sleeves/tubing at Home Depot or Lowes, etc that seemed to work for a number of people in avoiding pressing the buttons unintentionally on the keyfobs.
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