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Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 8:58 PM

Flashing Lights On New Keypad, Now Dead

Hi all.

We got our new SimpliSafe system today and we were really excited by the integration with Google Assistant, which we have throughout our home. I unboxed our kit today and got straight into setting up, but when I powered up the keypad, the lights flashed across for 20-30 minutes with nothing on the screen. I called up customer support and was advised on how to reset the device, but nothing changed. I've tried changing the batteries for brand new Duracell batteries in case it was a low battery warning, the same thing. I put the original batteries back in and it died completely..I tried cleaning the contacts with a clean, dry, cotton bud, no effect. We've left the batteries out for several minutes then tried putting them back in as customer support advised we do, it's still dead. The representative that I spoke to earlier was out of all other ideas and had to speak to a senior advisor, who on a callback an hour later, apparently came up dry and suggested that we be sent out a replacement keypad instead. The representative also said she will call me back in the morning to see if the problem has resolved but I'm not hopeful. The flashing light sequence we had was like when the keypad starts up but went on for far, far longer than any of the set-up videos that I've seen. Both my husband and I have tried linking the keypad to the base station via the button on the base station, nothing. We've checked our wi-fo connection in case it was a connectivity issue, it's around 11 Mbps, our SSID is showing and our Google speakers have no issues to report, so it's not that. We're persistent but we've tried every solution that we can find to date. I even tried using my mobile phone to set our Master PIN but that's not working, either, Needless to say, our faith and confidence in Simplisafe right now!. I want to be reporting success tomorrow but I fear that might not be happening. Any last-minute thoughts?

Thanks all and sorry for the long post,


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Hi @helen-smythe,

It certainly sounds like there's a problem with the Keypad that is preventing it from starting up properly. Other than leaving the batteries out for a few minutes and trying new batteries, both of which you have already done, it sounds like customer support was correct to get the Keypad replaced for you. If you'd like to get your system, other than the Keypad, up and running, our Support Team should be able to get your Master PIN set for you which will allow you to set up the rest of your system using the SimpliSafe app or your account on SimpliSafe.com.

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