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Friday, December 11th, 2020 4:30 PM

Firmware Updates

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2 years ago

Hi SSuser19,

Thanks for the suggestions! Our Engineering team is of course always hard at work on even more improvements. We prefer to go slow, and test (A LOT), to really make sure that each update has the most benefit.

We have heard both of your requests before. On the first one - it might be a little tricky to implement. As you know, the way the app issues commands to your cameras is through the web. So if the issue with the camera is that it's been disconnected from the web, there would be no way to send a command to it. Though a reboot command might be useful in cases where it's not the connection that is necessarily the issue.

As for the Base Station producing more specific voice prompts instead of door chimes - you are definitely not alone! We'll add your voice to the chorus, which seems to be getting louder all the time.

- Johnny M.
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Hi Johnny,

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post- much appreciated! I understand it takes time to develop and test new updates, and it's better to be thorough and "safe rather than sorry' especially in this case.

It's definitely understandable that a web based reboot command wouldn't help in every situation, especially if there are connectivity issues, but it would be helpful in my use case where after some time, my Doorbell cam will start misbehaving in one of two ways. Either the video feed/recorded clips will have a pinkish tint to them, or become blown out/low contrast, or motion events at night will not trigger night mode to enable, so recorded clips will just show the dark of night as if night mode was off, even though it's set to auto. Both of those conditions are fixed with a reboot/reset, which would be much more convenient if I could skip having to remove it from the wall. Most firmware based equipment like modems and routers have a reboot command in their admin consoles, and I think it would make sense here too.

I'm glad the voice prompts vs door chimes are on you're radar... it seems to be a change that would make a lot of people happy!

Thanks again for taking the time to listen and passing these ideas to engineering! It nice to know SimpliSafe is taking customer feedback into consideration.
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