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Thursday, April 30th, 2020 4:46 PM

False Alarms and Erratic System Setting Status

I have been using SimpliSafe  without any issue for 1.5yrs now.  Yesterday, I have experience some very odd behavior.  I hope SimpliSafe didn't get hacked.

Activity 1:
- The fire alarm and motion detector got triggered both at the same time while I was home.  The alarm came on about 10 secs or so and turned off by itself.   The timeline on my SimpliSafe App on my phone shows it was cancelled.  Keep in mind I was home with my family and the alarm was set to off prior to this activity.  I did receive a call from the monitoring service and told him everything was fine in terms of safety so there was a need to call the authorities.

Activity 2:
- About 2 hours later, an alert shows my alarm was set to Home mode from the keypad.  Again, no one touched the keypad to set this.

I tried calling SimpliSafe Support twice and waited for awhile.  One of my call was dropped so now I'm on the forum.  

I have read some false alarms in this forum but not sure if this is related to that.  Has anyone else been experiencing this weirdness?



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4 years ago

Do you have SS2 or SS3?

By fire alarm, do you mean the smoke detector, and do you regularly clean it? They can produce false alarms if they aren't cleaned regularly (use a can of compressed air every month or every other month, depending on the amount of dust it collects).

There are user reports on the forum about the system arming in Home or Away mode when users didn't arm the system,...sometimes it's a faulty keypad, but don't rely on that, the best thing to do is call SS and ask for a senior supervisor to investigate and to help troubleshoot - try calling first thing in the morning and pressing #1 for sales, that option seems to be answered more quickly.

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Yes, I meant smoke detector.  I believe my system is a SS3 since it's only 1.5yrs old.  Thanks for the advice.
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