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Monday, July 12th, 2021 3:05 AM


Everything is failing

SimpliSafe is dedicated to providing our customers with expert-level protection, and this includes ensuring 24/7 access to our professional monitoring centers via a strong cellular connection. For more info on our efforts to address 2G Sunset, including obtaining and installing a new cellular module, check out our Help Center Article here.

All of a sudden everything seems to be going haywire. I am constantly getting no link to dispatch. I am not getting and text or push notifications. The app is not showing my dashboard. The app won't refresh my settings. The keypad is no longer making a noise when I enter the home when the alarm was set to away. Heck, accidentally triggered and alarm and after turning it off I did not get a notification on my phone for 15 minutes. Guess who call 15 minutes after the alarm was triggered, the dispatch center saying an alarm was triggered and do I need assistance. I said no that alarm went off 15 minutes ago. Not sure what is causing all the glitches. I have never been contacted about changing the cellular part from 2g to LTE. Good luck talking with anyone about the problem. I have been a customer since 2013. It may be time to switch. Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.

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3 years ago

Hi cjd1215,

Almost all of those symptoms point towards the same thing. The "No Link to Dispatch" message, as you may have figured out, indicates that the cell module inside your Base Station is having trouble connecting through the cell network.
So that affects any function that involves the Base Station talking to the app and website - smart alerts, app controls, and of course, actual Monitoring Service.

We have indeed been gradually upgrading all customers with the newer cell modules. Your invite might be on the way soon, but yes, our Support team can just set up a replacement if you need one right now. From your account info, I see you were already able to get through to get that started!

However, you also mention that your Keypad is having trouble - with the Gen2 Keypad, it might fail to produce a countdown timer if it doesn't get a confirmation from the Base Station, indicating a communication issue. That's a different connection altogether, through the local radio, which can be affected by either physical interference (actual physical objects getting in the way) or other wireless signals competing for the same airspace.
Did you move your Base Station recently? It might help, regardless, to move it to a more open spot where the signal can have a more direct path to the Keypad. That can improve performance overall.

- Johnny M.
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3 years ago

@cjd1215 I believe you have a SS2 system and never was contacted from SS about getting a replacement comm unit for your base. That is a good place to start if correct, and if there is no link to disptach and then a long delay, possibly the local cell tower is no longer available and a more distant one is at play.

Sugget tomorrow morning calling support and hold for agent. If its going to be long, but your phone on speaker and wait it out. Once you do get an agent, explain the above and get direction. If none is offered, ask for your call to be escalated.

Good luck and pos your outcome here if you get the chance.

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3 years ago

Called customer support. They sent me a new communication chip with 1 day delivery. Installed new chip and I now have a link to dispatch. App is working now as well. Thanks for the help.
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