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Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 11:24 PM

Erroneous Messages? (False fire alarm and keypad )

So our Simplisafe 2.0 system at our cabin did 2 odd things today.  First the smoke alarm went off.  I  checked the temperature remotely of our thermostat, and the Simplsiafe temp sensor, and both were normal.  had a neighbor drive over and check things out, all good.  So seems like a false alarm in an empty house.  First time that has happened.   Humidity is high up there but it's been higher this summer, never had a problem.

Then, a few moments ago, I  got a message that the alarm had been Armed to away mode using the keypad.  Problem is again there is no one home, and the system (correctly) shows that it was never disarmed from when I  armed it a few days ago when I  was there.  The test signals have been coming each day.   The house did lose power for an hours or so yesterday evening for about an hour, I  assume when it came back it didn't short the base station or anything (it did get a test signal since then and it's communicating).

New Firmware was downloaded last week.

any ideas?  



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4 years ago

Hi Mike,

Could it be possible that you were getting Smart Alerts for a different system? Of course, each Smart Alert should also include which address it's for, so it would be fairly easy to tell. The same notification should tell you exactly which Keypad was used to arm as well, which can offer another clue about what happened.

But as for the false alarm form the Smoke Detector; the unit works by detecting particles entering the chamber. So it's looking out for smoke particles, of course, but can also be triggered by too much dust, steam, or maybe even bugs crawling in. We do suggest that every few months, you clean around the Smoke Detector's grill using a vacuum cleaner, just to keep it clear of debris.

Johnny M.
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4 years ago

Sure you don't have Simplisafe 3?  You say you have "2.0", but then say "New Firmware was downloaded last week."  There are no firmware updates for SS2.  The firmware in the SS2 system cannot be  updated.

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4 years ago

Hi thank you for the replies.  

Yes I meant 3.0, I didn't realize we started with 2.0.

I am sure the alarms came from that house the address is listed.   I will check the smoke alarm and vacuum it but getting that and then the errant system armed message, like someone pushed the keypad so close to each other when no one was home and doors locked makes me more suspicious, after several years of no weird behavior....
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