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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 9:56 PM

Does SimpliSafe have a deadman's switch option?

Scenario:  I am in medical distress.  I call  9-1-1.  Ambulance comes to take me the hospital.
Can S.S. automatically re-arming itself after I am away for, for example, 2+ hours?

Just like the subway train operator after he passes out, the train comes to a stop.
I am "passed out" and the would be robbers are stopped!

A competitor offered an excuse of "well the alarm could go off while you are walking around your house."
PLEASE!  My $399 not-so-Smart TV's sleep timer puts up a one-minute to go countdown warning before sleeping.
How about three gentle beeps?
Oh, I need to tell S.S. that I am still okay.
As I told them:  "This is not rocket science."

I don't have one but maybe Alexa or Siri could help here?

This actually was close to what an 85 yo friend of mine had happen 18 months ago.
She is not, how should I put this, a virtuoso on the cell phone, nor on any tech for that matter.


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No, all arming and disarming is manual, although some people claim to have arming set up with some system, possibly Alexa.

If you have the interactive plan and cell phone, or just a key fob, you can set it to away as you are being carted off.
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