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Friday, July 15th, 2022 3:39 AM

Devices Stay Online Even When Battery Taken Out

Hey SimpliSafe-

Need help here because replacing the base station didn’t fix this odd issue I’m having:

Im able to take the batteries out of my different sensors - yet my app says they are still connected to my base station and battery levels are good - days after the batteries are removed.  

So why are they still showing as connected even when there is no power to them?  I’ve taken the batteries out of seven different sensors now and even the keypad and there is no message that they have been disconnected. They all showed as connected even after 24 hours. 

Any insight would be helpful here as it is pretty bizarre!

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2 years ago

Hi @Rmf55 ,

It shouldn't take days, but the Base Station also doesn't send a warning immediately if a sensor is offline. It's plausible that any given sensor might miss one or two hourly check-ins, so the system will wait for a while before sending the warning. But if you're checking the app, were you also tapping the refresh button every single time? That should be pulling the most recent info from all sensors.




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2 years ago

@Rmf55 Suggest you contact SS support and walk through the "pulse" settings for your system.  The polling on your base station of the sensors could be faulty and you may need a new base.

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