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Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 7:55 PM

Custom Modes and initial SS impressions

A couple weeks ago I called SimpliSafe to ask some specific question about the system capabilities before deciding if it work to replace an existing wired/traditional system.  I was growing frustrated with my traditional system's lack of cellular backup (it was a Mesh Radio backup that didn't function well in my area), but I'd been happy with the functionality of the system otherwise.  Of particular concern to me was the ability to have a 'Night' mode, or some sort of customizable mode in addition to Home and Away.  As has been discussed elsewhere here, many people have different use cases for "Home" mode depending on if one is awake (and roaming the house), or asleep.  I was assured there was a way to create additional modes.

When I couldn't see any obvious way do this, I called support.  I explained what I was looking for and asked if perhaps I just wasn't seeing how to do it.  What I got for a response was a bit surprising.  I was told there wasn't a way to do this and that "SimpliSafe isn't for everyone, and we'd likely have to just part ways."  I was a little surprised at his response given I hadn't made any indication that I was upset and wanted to return the system, I only explained exactly what I've explained above.  Guess I wasn't expecting we needed to break up???  :)  But in any case it was clear he wasn't about to provide any useful information.  So I tried doing some further digging on the issue online, and found this forum a couple days ago.  I found a recent post with others asking for this same function, which the SS team had said would be taken as a feature request.  I added on to it, specifically asking the SS Team if there was any idea if or when the feature would be added, or if perhaps it was in the latest update that has since been "paused".  Nothing but crickets from them, though they've clearly had time to respond to other topics.  Doesn't seem as though they care enough to respond, and I'm finding a lot of people who are less than impressed with the support offered by SimpliSafe.  Is there any chance they will eventually respond or am I best off "Going our separate ways"?  :)

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3 years ago

Hi @ns1jab,

Sorry about that! We must've missed your reply earlier. We have responded to your post primarily answering that, no, this feature for an additional mode will not be included in the 2.1 rollout.

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@ns1jab whereas Simplisafe does try to be straight with their customers, even when the answer or answers are not to their liking, its better than then ADT model, at least when I was one of their customers 9 years ago. That model was to mislead, and at times, outright lie. Yes, SS does have some shortcomings but I believe you know my position being a customer with SS this long.



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3 years ago

For the answer to this question, look at the hardware.  To add a mode, you'd need at the minimum a new user interface, which would require new hardware.  Maybe SS4 could have it, but I don't see it being possible to add it to SS3.
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