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Saturday, February 15th, 2020 6:22 AM

Countdown beeping when armed in home mode

We've had Simplisafe for a few years, and it has always done a countdown beep when armed in away mode. The last few days, it has suddenly started doing a countdown beep when I arm in home mode. I use home mode at bedtime and with a keypad near my baby's room, I really am not loving those beeps. Any idea on a cause?

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4 years ago

Go into your settings.  There is an entry and exit delay for home mode.  Online these can be found under System.  Set the exit delay to 0 seconds.



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4 years ago

@ackastner517 did you recently get an update? Your settings should not have changed on their own a few days ago. If they did, you should send an email to SS to let them know so they log it as a bug.
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