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Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 4:27 PM

countdown beep on main hub?

We recently installed a SimpliSafe solution in our home and are generally very happy with it. That said, we are constantly setting off the alarm because we don't hear the keypad countdown beeping when a door is opened.

We have a fairly wide first floor and we typically forget the alarm is set, open one of the doors and then can't hear that the countdown beeper from the keypad is alerting us that the alarm is about to trigger.

Is it possible to set the main hub to beep as well so that we have a better chance of hearing the countdown beeps?


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1 year ago

Hi folks,

Yes, in case of an alarm event, it is the Keypad that chirps a countdown. If you have a Wireless Siren, that chirps too. But the Base Station stays silent. That behavior is on purpose, so that it can stay hidden from potential intruders before the main sirens actually come on.

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Am I able to take the base station with me when I leave he house? I don't like leaving it there because I have a known stalker who has jammed my old unencrypted DMP XTL system I bought three years ago, and I don't want him getting into the keypad brain.

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@busterdawnIt's helpful to think of the Base Station as the system, and all of your devices report to it. If you take your Base Station with you when you leave the house, your devices will no longer be able to communicate with it, and an alarm will not be triggered if a sensor is tripped. I would recommend keeping your Base Station at home to ensure it is always protected. 

Jamming is a big concern for all wireless security systems. That's why SimpliSafe features intelligent jam detection to immediately warn the user of a possible attack. We even have regular firmware updates to stay ahead of future threats like this. Check out this post on our blog for more info.

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1 year ago

I agree and many have asked. There is a option I have not tried but has been posted here several times. you can buy the extra https://simplisafe.com/wireless-siren and it's been posted that you can set it to beep when you trigger a door.

1 year ago

Interesting that this is marketed as an "extra sire" and will beep upon door open, but that the main base station will not beep upon door open.

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