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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 7:41 AM

Cellular Backup

I installed the new cellular module Sunday and it immediately showed connected.  I left the house Monday for quite awhile and when I returned and checked the cellular connection it showed "Disconnected."  It showed the wifi with no problem.  I thought it should always show connected, even if we're not Verizon or AT&T customers.  It is a third party partnership for service to all Simplisafe customers.  The purpose is for their to be no interruptions of wifi signal to the Simplisafe alarm.

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8 months ago

Hello @bertreassia, 

The Base Station's cell module will only show as "Connected" if it recently sent a signal. The "Disconnected" status means that cell isn't linked up at that moment, but it is ready to send a signal.

If the cellular status is shown as "Init", that would then mean that the Base Station isn't connected to cell.

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8 months ago

If you have your base station hooked up to wifi it will primarily use that as your full-time signal but if wifi goes out the system will automatically hook up to cell signal, so if it is hooked up to wifi it will say cell is disconnected. 

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If I don't have wifi at home, will the base station always be connected to cellular as long as I pay for the monitoring plan?

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@ct1​ Yes, if you are subscribed to either our Standard Monitoring or Fast Protect™ plans, the Base Station will maintain its connection to its cellular backup.

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Yes but you need to know that w/o WiFi you:

Cannot upgrade your system firmware

Cannot use the mobile app to control your system

See this article for more details:


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