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Thursday, May 26th, 2022 6:23 PM

Can't get updates

​I have had SimplySafe for about two years. My system has never received an up date. I have never gotten the gear symbol on any of my three keypads. Whenever I check for updates using the keypad it always says my system is up to date.​

​I have worked with support on multiple calls to try and figure out why my system will not receive an update. The system has been on WiFi since the day I installed it. Support has sent me two replacement base stations and my system will still not receive updates.​

​My software versions are:​

​ for the base station​

​1.6.2 for two keypads​

​1.4.2 for one keypad​

​Not sure what to do to get this fixed.​

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10 months ago

Hi @rongalla ,

Yes, the first thing to check is that your Base Station is connected to WiFi, since firmware updates are available only through that connection.

But the software versions you posted give us a big clue as to what's going on. The Keypad and Base Station are always updated at the same time, and should have the same major version number. For example, if your Base Station is on 2.7.xx, then all of your Keypads should be on 2.7.xx. It's possible that your system is having trouble pushing the update because of this version mismatch.

I've requested a call from our Specialist team so we can get this figured out for you!

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@davey_d​ Thank you! That makes sense and is the most encouraging response to the problem that I have received to date. I will look forward to hearing further.

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Were you able to get this resolved. I am in a similar situation.

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@jwfvault​ thanks for reporting. Did you already check that your Base Station is connected to WiFi? If you're seeing a similar version mismatch issue, please call our Support team at 800-548-9508 and we can help.

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@davey_d​ Heard from support. The problem was base station software version 2.3. They sent a new base station with version 2.5 software. Once installed I automatically received the 2.6 version update and was able to upgrade the base station and three keypads.

Thank You

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@jwfvault​ yes they sent me a replacement base station with version 2.5 on it. Was then able to upgrade to version 2.6 and all three of my keypads.

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6 days ago

My base station software says it’s updated on my keypad but when I try to install a camera it keeps telling me that my software needs to be updated.

keypad 2.1.4

base 1.6.8

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5 days ago

Base 2.5.2 keypads 2.10.6

always says there is an update but it never updates and the foreign tech support is useless 

third base station in a year

it is a joke

call me or I’m leaving 

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4 days ago

Hi @micahjbun and @thrang ,

Both of you definitely have outdated versions - we're up to 2.10+ already. As I mentioned above, did you check that your Base Station is connected to WiFi? You can find it on your Keypad under Menu > System Settings > WiFI.

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