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Monday, May 9th, 2022 7:43 AM

Can Simplisafe turn off my Heat/AC when I'm away... and turn it back on when I return... using Nest?

​Is integration between SimpliSafe and smart thermostats a current feature?​

​I'm looking for information on how to set the thermostat's temperature based on the Home/Away/OFF status of the SimpliSafe.​
​I did this once before when ​​SimpliSafe​​ offered ​​Nest​​ integration, and it ran like that for years.​

​The moment I got home the thermostat would kick in (or, I could do it from the app on the way home).​

​The moment I armed the system away, it would go into eco (cost savings) mode.​

​Can it be done now?​
​Exactly how?​

​And could I set "home" mode to a nightime temperature.... so I get nighttime temperature, active temperature and away temperature automatically?​

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11 months ago

Hi @brycen ,

I did answer your question in a different thread. Unfortunately, due to Google transitioning the Works with Nest program into Works with Google, which works very differently, the previous integration with Nest is no longer available.

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It sounds like SimpliSafe needs to team up with a thermostat company and release another accessory. 

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Well, it works now.
But I have to transition the accounts to a new owner -- how can I do that without breaking the entirely 100% functional existing (but discontinued) "Works with Nest" integration?

The SS customer service department persists in giving out wrong information that "Google Assistant" do the energy savings thing... but this appears to be completely untrue.


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@brycen​ Google Assistant does offer some integration - but not in the same way as direct Nest Integration through Works with Nest. You would for example be able to add arming of your system to a Google Assistant Routine. But disarming is not available, and actions from your SimpliSafe system (arming/disarming) can't be used to start a Routine.

Transferring a SimpliSafe system is easy. You would just need to cancel your own service, and that will free up the system for a different user to take over, using a new account.

However, they'd need to go through the setup process again - including for Integration. So if that new owner doesn't still have an old Nest account, then that integration would not be possible.

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"Davey D" if either account is modified, the Works With Nest integration will break.  A SimpliSafe support person told me we could simply rename the old account if both parties were on the line, but when I called to do so the next agent was unfamiliar with the process.

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So which thermostats CAN SimpliSafe integrate with?  The goal is when the SS keypad is set to AWAY, the thermostat reacts.

Does SimpliSafe still integrate with "If this then that"?

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10 months ago

Saw Google HomeAlexa App has a option to have your cell phone determine if you’re home/away. That would turn on/off whatever settings you set up. 

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