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Friday, December 2nd, 2022 12:02 AM


Breaks Entire Network

I’m not happy that all the devices on a Wi-Fi network need to be updated because SimpliSafe only supports up to 31-character passwords. Looking broadly across the tech industry at password handling or implementations for various Wi-Fi schemes, 63 chars *absolutely* should be supported and one could argue that so should perhaps 128 (I’m not advocating using either of those lengths). SimpliSafe’s limitation imposes an unnecessary time burden on folks to go update passwords. Very frustrating…



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2 years ago

@Someone While I don't disagee it would be "nice" for those that want a pw that long, I would guess (key word there) 31 characters will meet the need of 99.9% customers.  There are many other features or enhancements I want to SS to work on before increasing the pw length.


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