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Saturday, February 15th, 2020 5:15 PM

Blue Light on Base Station Never Turns Off

The blue light on my base station is glowing bright blue 24/7. I have changed the setting in my web control panel, then changed it back to off. I've cycled the power to the base station as well. No luck. The blue light stays on persistently, no matter what mode the alarm system is in. Any ideas?

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4 years ago

Have you tried to reboot the system? Unplug the base, unscrew the little screw on bottom pull one battery out and wait a few seconds then put battery back in then plug base back in and wait, it will then be on test mode. If that doesn't work then a call to simplisafe might have to be made. It may be a bug or something or defective but if it doesn't bother you and it still works fine then no problems but if it does bother you try it and see if it works and keeps us posted.

10 months ago

Go to keypad settings. Select System Settings. Stroll down to Wall Power Light, select off 

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I stopped the blue flashing light by removing one battery from the base and replacing it after a minute.  The blue light stopped but my keypad still displays: “Alarm Off” then “Power Outage”.  What does this mean and what can I do?

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@idabhfc​ Are you able to clear out the "Power Outage" notification on your Keypad? If not, then your Base Station may not be connected to a power source. I would check both ends of the Base Station's power cord to ensure that its fully plugged into both the Base Station and the power outlet.

If the cable is fully plugged in on both ends, I would then recommend plugging the Base Station into a new outlet to see if that clears this notification.

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24 days ago

I had the same issue. Called SS. They accessed wall power settings on their end and fixed it. Their customer service rocks. 

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