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Thursday, March 31st, 2022 1:50 AM

Battery is fine, the system says it’s not.

I have had two devices separately in the last 3 months say that the batteries were low, (a siren and a motion sensor).   Both the Simplysafe base station and the keypad warned me that the batteries were low and I logged into Simplysafe and confirmed the information.  The problem is, none of the batteries in either device were actually dead. When I tested them on a battery tester they were at 80%.  I then added new batteries to the devices and reset them with no problem.

But my real question is -if the batteries are still good, why is the system telling me that they are bad?  Neither of these two devices have ever been triggered since we installed the system, so they have been idle the entire time. Is the battery low warning simply triggered by time and not the actual current battery strength?  In both cases, the system said the devives were ‘offline” due to low batteries. 

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1 year ago

@sherrikish The system will warn you before the batteries are dead so they have the power to continue operating in the short term.  That is a feature of the "pulse" technology that Simplisafe uses to test the sensors once a day to make sure they are connected, working, battery levels etc. I cannot comment on the 80% reading you are getting on your separate meter, but one question: how old are the batteries and how much use they get. For me, I have a spreadsheet of all of my sensors, with serial number, name of sensor, when installed, next battery change date and last battery change date.  for example, entry sensor for my kitchen door is used every day, multiple times a day. I changed it out at 3 years.  Entry sensor on the french doors going to the patio, maybe 3x a month, scheduled change is 4 years. Another conditions like distance from the sensor to the base with the strength of the signal can also effect battery life. Also, the devices could be defective and replaced under warranty. Suggest you call Support and troubleshoot.


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4 months ago

Not helpful...still shows not charging after battery replacement in both the base unit and the handheld unit which by the way are not rechargable

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Hi @murphandme​, 

Which device is having this battery issue? Is it a camera or sensor, or the Base Station itself?

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Base station batteries..maybe hard reset

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Cancel...replaced batteries with rechargables and problem went away!!! Duh.....

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Sounds like it really was just a case of bad batteries. Glad to hear that the replacement worked for you!

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